No long-term contracts. What you see is what you get.

Prepay the fees for the number of users and for the wanted period. Recharge before credits are used up. Stay flexible.
Work alone
0 0 ,95/TAG ,95 /TAG
28 28 ,50/30 DAYS ,50 /30 DAYS
Add two users and sponsor them for free
0 0 ,00/DAY ,00 /DAY
0 0 ,00/30 DAYS ,00 /30 DAYS
Free Free
Sponsor each additional user at a special price
0 0 ,23/DAY ,23 /DAY
6 6 ,90/30 DAYS ,90 /30 DAYS
All prices plus VAT.
If you are exempt from VAT, you only pay the net amount.
  • Free trial 60 days
  • Unlimited number of tasks and projects
  • Unlimited team size
  • Sponsoring of unlimited number of users
  • Unlimited number of teams
  • Collaboration in unlimited work domains
  • Customizable work domains
  • Collaboration with registered users or any other contact
  • Document storage and management
  • Upload of unlimited number of files
  • Publish profile and expertise in user directory
  • Younox DoIt mobile app
  • All Younox features
  • 40GB storage space
  • For more storage space or support please contact us - we will offer you a custom plan.
  • For more than 100 users we will offer a special price. Please contact us.

Frequently asked questions

After registering for the full-featured use of Younox (on our website or within the Younox desktop app) your 60-day free trial starts during which you can use all features without limitations. The day your free trial expires you need to make a prepayment to continue using Younox without interruptions at the very latest.

The paid net amount will be credited to your Younox account with the identical amount of Credit Points (1 Euro corresponds to 1 Credit Point). Each day we deduct the daily fee of 0.95 Credit Points (equal to 0.95 Euro) for your own use plus that of two additional free users. If you take over the fees of more than two users, we deduct 0.23 Credit Points (equal to 0.23 Euro) per day for each additional user.You can view the billing daily under my-account.

You need to add the users to your sponsorship list. There are no charges for the first two users added to your sponsoring list.

You simply add all users to your sponsorship list whose fees you wish to pay for. For the third user and each additional user you will be charged 0.23 Credit Points equivalent to 0.23 Euro per day. Learn more about sponsoring.

You simply remove the user from your sponsorship list. Starting from the next day you will not be charged for this user any more. There are absolutely no cancellation periods. Thus, you pay the fees for sponsored users only for the exact number of days each individual user was sponsored by you.

Yes, you may be sponsored by more than one user at the same time. In this case we equally allocate your account fees to all sponsors. See more under sponsoring.

You may view the daily incurred charges for your account and the accounts you sponsor as well as the remaining account balance and all paid and credited amounts under my account.

You can make a payment to your account at any time. For uninterrupted use a payment is required once your free trial ends or your credits are used up or your sponsor has stopped sponsoring your account. The minimum payment corresponds to the 30-day fee. However, we recommend a payment amount which covers at least 3 – 12 months of your account fees and the fees of additional accounts you may choose to sponsor.

Once your credits are used up you and all users you sponsor will lose access to Younox and your account will be in a “grace period” which currently amounts to 365 days. During this period you may regain access to Younox by topping up your account with sufficient credits. In this case you will be charged the fees incurred during the elapsed grace period time for your account and the accounts which were added to your sponsorship list during the grace period. Please note: If the paid amount is not sufficient to cover the account fees incurred during the grace period your account cannot be reactivated.

If your agreement with us is terminated and your account still has remaining Credit Points we will convert the Credit Points into Euro currency in the ratio 1:1 and refund the Euro amount minus handling fees (5% of the due reimbursement amount) and possible transactions fees. Credit Points that you might have received from us as a courtesy will not be paid out.

All payment transactions are done through the Younox website using PayPal which also accepts all major credit cards and direct debit should you not have a personal PayPal account. Alternatively you may make a direct bank transfer after we have sent you an invoice upfront - for this procedure please contact us.

The Grace Period amounts to 365 days, the free trial phase to 60 days. Both periods are subject to change.

No, support is not included in the price. We offer customized support and consulting services dependant on your team size and your individual requirements. Please contact us for details.