Younox at a glance

We created Younox so that you can master all your daily work using just one single tool.

Manage work assignments, tasks & projects

Tasks, orders, services
Assign the supplier and recipient to each task, order or any piece of work.
Manage and organize projects with tasks in unlimited sub-levels.
Unlimited task levels
Organize your work in as many task levels as needed. Visualize complex projects in easy-to-understand structures.
Unique task number
Identify any task, order or project by their unique and automatically generated number.
Task status
Use full-text search combined with facetted search for all your information needs.
Never miss a due date
Get a reminder on or before the due date with individually set repetitions.
Manage budgets
Specify budgets for tasks & projects and monitor expenditure adherence.
Archive projects and tasks
Archive completed work and access it anytime.

Use work lists, workflow, reuse processes

Arrange personal work lists
Move tasks to your personal work list or to the list of others and prioritize them.
Notification list
Always know what’s going on and what you should focus on first. See recent changes at one glance.
Recently used list
Find recent tasks fast and jump right back to where you left off.
Rearrange tasks
Drag and drop tasks to a different position in the task tree view.
Task groups
Categorize and group together tasks for better visualization, management and control.
Reuse processes
Duplicate task trees and projects to reuse workflows and increase your productivity.
Manage workflows
Organize your teams' work with processes made up of unlimited tasks and projects and group them in specific activity areas.
Customize all list views
You decide what moves into the foreground and what stays in the back.

Manage documents

Upload and manage files
Upload or drag & drop multiple files at once. Use convenient in-place editing, saving and automatic file versioning.
Share files
Allow single or a group of users to upload or access files.
Document numbering
Identify any document by its assigned unique number.
Express html attachment
Comfortably generate text files out of the task editor which are automatically attached to the corresponding task or project.
Find documents with full-text search
Find any file type even those scanned with OCR by file content, title or meta data.

Smart features to work effectively

High-performance editor
Describe tasks, specify complex requirements, have discussions and integrate images, tables or anything else - conveniently with our editor.
Powerful Search
Use full-text search combined with facetted search in all of your stored data.
Information center
Use Younox for storing and sharing information in all of your business cases and documents.
Import content from excel files
Create tasks and projects automatically from excel files.
Import customer contacts
Have the core date of your partners and customers available in Younox for fast order processing.
Customized website plug-in (add-on service)
Use a customized form on your website and receive customers’ requests directly into your domain where you can process everything immediately.
Manage your support information with Younox (add-on service)
Maintain your product specific information or FAQs in Younox and use our plug-in for publishing them on your website.
Enter work times & generate reports
Everyone can enter their work times on task or project level. Generate reports on working hours for individual users, projects and defined periods for billing and overall control.
Keyboard shortcuts
Enjoy working with shortcuts. It’s easy, fast and intuitive.

Work securely and have full control

Manage access to your Domain
Authorize individual users to access your work domain or revoke their rights.
Manage administrator rights
Easily manage who is authorized to administer your work domain.
Multi-level access control
Manage access rights for single tasks, projects or for a group of tasks/projects.
Synchronized data saving
Younox automatically saves all your information. Additionally, you may save your data to a location of your choice.
Restore deleted work
Manage and recover tasks and projects even after they have been deleted.
Monitor your account balance
Have a complete overview of your account charges, payments and everything related to your personal account.

Present your skills and network

Manage your profile
Manage your own profile. Upload your personal photo and update your skills at any time.
Your personal work domain
Use your own domain to conduct your daily work, collaborate and manage tasks and projects.
Customize your work domain
Give your work domain a unique look and feel and use your own name or company name with logo.
Sponsor or be sponsored
Simply pay the fees of other users or be sponsored and work with Younox at no cost.
Present your skills in Youbook & find experts
Publish your skills & expertise in our network directory allowing others to find and collaborate with you. Search for specialists and suppliers you need.
Network with anyone
Younox allows you to network and collaborate with all of our registered users and all your business contacts.