The easiest way to
digitize your business

Unleash the full potential of your business working online with your team, customers and suppliers.

Organize your entire business online

Whether it's just one department or your entire business, with Younox you can manage it all in one single online workspace.

Move your fulfillment center online

Younox gives everyone in your supply chain access to the information they need to get their job done. Don't waste time exchanging emails, holding meetings and looking for documents if you can have it all in one place.

Protect and share sensitive information

Grant and deny information access to specific people on different work levels - on single tasks, projects and any of their sub-items. Always be sure that only authorized people can see what they are supposed to see.

Reuse proven work processes

Reuse templates of recurring processes, projects and tasks saving you time and improving your work flow. Copy paste entire process chains from one project, order or business case to another.

Visualize the important

Create and prioritize to-do lists for yourself and others. Generate focus lists based on your individual criteria and see what's mission-critical.
Learn more about lists under Help Center.

Streamline processes with your partners

If your final product or service requires the input of many different parties, Younox lets you tie it all together.

No more Email Mania

Discuss your work where you create the work. Never waste your time and energy on replying, forwarding and organizing your crowded inbox again. With Younox everyone is always on the same page.
Knowledge management

Retain your knowledge base

All of your data gets stored in Younox for all eternity and can be accessed anytime, even after being archived. Knowledge never gets lost even if a staff member leaves your company.
Document management

Drop & store files

With Younox sharing files couldn't be any easier. Drag & drop any file into Younox where your team and partners have immediate access.
Learn more about file management. See our Help Center.
Ticket system

Cut to the chase with
our ticket system

Every order, task, project and document automatically receives a number allowing you to make clear reference in your communication with your team, customers and suppliers. Avoid miscommunication and unnecessary delays.

Find and be found

Present your business in our network directory where customers and partners are waiting to collaborate with you.

Own the budget

Determine your budgets and let Younox notify you about ongoing expenditure and reaching critical limits.
Time Management

Never miss a deadline

Let Younox remind you of mission-critical due dates and receive automatic notifications on changes and updates from your team.
Learn more about reminders and notifications. See our Help Center.
Online work domain

Customize your workspace

Personalize your own domain - the place where you collaborate in Younox. Add images, logos and slogans to present your brand. Be unique and stand out in our network.

Grow your team fast & easy

Pay the fee for people who are joining your virtual team. It's only a fraction of the full price and we only charge you for the days you actually worked together. Don't miss out on crucial talent who can help you reach your goals faster.