Security at Younox

Doing business online calls for unfailing security measures. Ours exceed industry standards and are implemented by a team of highly qualified professionals who protect your data like nothing else.

We stand for unwavering security,
confidentiality and the promise to
deliver 100% of the time.

"The secure handling of our clients' data is extremely important to us and we leave nothing undone to assure maximum data security across the board. We know how indispensable data security is in today's age which is why we made this our top priority."
- Peter Kopecki, CEO

We don't compromise your data security

Highly secure data center
We store your data only in data centers located in Europe which are under surveillance 24/7. Only authorized and trained individuals can enter the premises with a valid ID.
Security professionals
We only employ IT specialists who are extensively trained in secure data handling and have agreed to our strict confidentiality stipulations. They are all bound to secrecy and discretion in every aspect of their work.
Desktop app for increased security
Younox is on purpose not a web browser application. Our apps run on your desktop and mobile devices making spy attacks generated by plug-ins impossible.
Full data access control
We leave it up to you to decide who can see your data. Grant or deny access to anyone at task, project and organizational level.
EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU-GDPR)
All our operations are strictly guided by the European Data Protection Regulation. The secure handling of your data is our highest bid and we work tirelessly to deliver on that promise.
Data storage & availability
We make sure that our system is up and running at 99.97% of the time. Our data storage and backup system meet the highest industry standards.
If you process customer data and require an order
data processing agreement, please contact us.

Working with peace of mind

Knowing that your data is secure is one of many things that have you working with peace of mind. It's the same for us. That's why we are don't use our resources sparingly/ leave anything undone when it comes to providing our customers/you with the highest security measures that are technologically available in this day and age.

Security questions or concerns?

If you have a question or think you may have found a security flaw within Younox, please tell us today and our security team will be on it right away.