Making modern business a more
productive, lucrative and enjoyable affair

Younox is the online platform where you collaborate to do business. Collaboration tools today need to go beyond the scope of your team. Your customers and partners can and should be part of the value creation process. Younox provides your organisation with a strong and holistic collaboration platform allowing everyone in your supply chain to achieve goals like never before.

We have you ready for business every second of the day

With us, your customers can place their orders online and directly into Younox 24/7. We turn any order into a digital business case to which those gain immediate access to fulfill the order. Everyone adds his expertise, communicates and keeps each other in check about what needs to be done. No one ever loses track of things, because it's all right there to see.

Younox coordinates your work flow, leaving you with more time to do your job. Your people focus on what's important and your customers receive better and faster results. It's a win-win situation for all.

Changing how you work will do wonders

Do you receive customer orders via email but feel like this causes you more trouble than necessary? Do you communicate with suppliers by phone or text message and hate how much of your time this is using up? Do you sit in hour-long meetings just to get on one page with your team? If this sounds like your reality, we are confident that we can help.

Younox takes the way you work to the next level. You collaborate side by side with all your stakeholders in one digital place. Each business case becomes the center point around which your people operate. Everyone takes direct influence on the case at hand and helps move it along the many steps until the finish line.

We make everything flow

Think about how many times a day you have to wait for information to reach you. An email, a meeting or even a call just so that you can do your job. How many times has that lead to delays? Probably more than enough.

What if all that information was shared in one and the same location giving everyone what they need to do their job. With Younox, you can create a work environment where things flow and you feel accomplished at every step of the way.