Organize office processes digitally

In Younox you can digitally manage the daily office work and all related information.
Whether you need to obtain a quote, take out an insurance policy, order an online service, organize a business trip, etc., all these activities involve important information, agreements and deadlines. Create a task in Younox for each such case, provide a detailed description and upload all related documents. Easily authorize your colleagues to access certain cases and clarify questions or open issues there.
This way, you have everything in one place and can access it online from anywhere; of course, you'll also be reminded of due dates. It’s the easiest way of keeping an eye on everything and never missing out a deadline.

Manage information and documents digitally

With our automatic text recognition, you can easily find all information - both within your task descriptions or notes and in uploaded documents of various formats.

This way, you only need to keep paper copies of documents that are required to be in writing. Everything else can go in the trash after scanning - but is still available for reference.

If there is a change of office staff, you simply change the access authorization. The new team member can access all the relevant tasks inclusive descriptions and documents and continue to work without any time-intensive introduction. Plus, no matter if your secretary is on vacation or sick, you will always find everything.

With us, you get an easy start to digitalize your office organization and make it fit for the future. We support you from day one and ensure that you benefit from all the advantages of a digital organization.