Manage all receipts and accounting data digitally

Why piling up receipts and accounting folders - and then handing them out to the accountant? Why still rummage through paper folders looking for any information?
Save valuable time and a lot of money. And still have everything well organized - and above all accessible from any location. It's easy. Some receipts you already receive electronically, the others you simply scan and upload them into Younox. Allow your accountant to access them in Younox and let him store there all evaluations, payrolls, tax returns, etc. for you.
Create tasks in Younox, where you can clarify all accounting and tax-related issues and schedule important deadlines there. Besides your accountant, you can of course easily give some other people access to selected data. This way, confidential information is no longer sent back and forth in emails, but is securely stored in one central location.

Access data independent of the accounting system

When you replace an accountant or an employee - you only block the access of the departed accountant/employee and authorize the new one. No matter which accounting system your next accountant or tax office uses, you work as usual with the Younox system.
We make sure that all your information is stored securely and you can access it online at any time. Without prior keywording, you can quickly find any document or information with one or a pair of search terms - even years later. It pays off to be organized better!
We support you until you get the most out of Younox - contact us.